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First: I by chance overheard blokes that hailed this www drug store at my local medical center, that made me curious. I was trying to find buyer reviews on the internet and stumbled upon a perfect review from, it implied that this is THE tiptop pharma. Indeed, dunno what that fuss was about, the medication are satisfactory. Obviously, this is ainʼt 1 of the supposed “illegal” drugstores, the medicine are legitimate, ainʼt corrupted, etc, although the quality is simply is not there. I definitely suggested you steer clear of this www pharma. You can see tons of scornful customer reviews, lots of great purchaser reviews nevertheless the reality is somewhere in the middle. Itʼs not astounding, itʼs average.

Pharmacy title: Top Rx Store
Pharmacy description: Top Rx Store
Last support: 2017-01-10
Name: Jamila Decker
Adress: 2698 Greenhouse RdHouston, TX 77084-4408
Birthday: 1952-05-06
Phone: (607) 562-4075
email: [email protected]

Domain Location: Endwell, NY 3749 Bittersweet Place
IP Address: is hosted on a dedicated server
Web archive: 0 pages coupons : 54% get deal

I ordered my drugs from the other pharma. Afterwards I have read through the complete review straight from and chose to get drugs from this www pharma. Surprisingly enough, the pills from the 1st pharma never arrived at my shipping address, however I got the order from within 22 hours. I am not gonna explain how exhausting it was: asking for my $$$ back from the 1st drugstore. I know my write-up is nonsensical, but it is smooth: suggest staying away from all the “rogue” drugstores!

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