Let us introduce you our site which is focused on review of different web-based apothecaries.

cartoon team of meddrugs.comWho we are?

We are a team of enthusiasts who interested in analysis of the level of service provided by internet drugstores. We do our reviews on a regular basis but we consider this activity as a hobby.

So, main idea of creating our site was to check, analyze and make a rating of online pharmacies.
We want our subscriber to know pros and cons of every site we checked and on the other hand we take courage to recommend which of them to use.
We check every trader for the availability of originals and generics. Then we check what kind of payment they accept – for example, it can be cash upon delivery, bank card prepayment or web-money.

We are checking their shipment terms and the areas, whether these vendors have branches or offices in other countries. There are a lot of drugstore sites promising short-term deliveries but in fact they fail to do what they promise and what disappoints most – they do not apologies. So we think that users must be aware of such things.

Also we pay attention to availability of on-line consultation. It creates a great positive experience for customer.

We think that it is very important that every user can find all the necessary information about the required medicine product, for example with which other medications it can be applied, what kind of allergy reaction it may cause, with which other product it can be substituted, what active substance it contains.

Why do we do this?

Being ordinary users of online drugstores we have faced different negative situations when, for example, the drug was not delivered in agreed time or instead of original they delivered generic without agreement of the customer. Just because these cases exist we feel necessity to tell the truth about those vendors who do not comply with their own policies. And finally we believe it will force them either to change their attitude to customer or disappear from the market as not client-oriented company.
So we invite you to visit our site and check reliability of on-line pharmacies from our list.

Feedback and reviews:

Alice: Hi, I am from USA. I visited your site by chance and was pleased to find information about online pharmacy I was going to deal with. Thank you.

Rob: Great job!

Cindy: How do you choose sites for analyze? If I ask you to check one or two sites would you do this?

Alex: Actually not bad. Just the list of online vendors is rather short.

Doris: I was surprised to find in a “green” list one internet pharmacy, which, form my point of view, does not comply.

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