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Iʼve zero difficulties regarding the medicines, although I think… In my humble opinion, the customer support team must be better than simply dime a dozen. Iʼd some difficulties concerning the website itself, Iʼm not really a tech-literate folk, I managed to get in touch with the people support crew and they were so really apathetic and surely passive aggressive. What exactly made me to check out this drug store: at the beginning it was review from, then, honestly speaking, the price tags are way too great to be ignored. Iʼm gonna reiterate: I do not have any issues regarding the medicines, they arrived safely, they are efficient (not dupes), still speaking with the client support team wasnʼt satisfying. Complaining aside, that is a cool on-line drugstore!

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Last support: 2017-10-13
Name: Colt Ross
Adress: 1223 Highway BbJadwin, MO 65501-8120
Birthday: 1989-07-27
Phone: (419) 690-2412
email: [email protected]

Domain Location: Clay Center, OH 2487 19th Drive
IP Address: is hosted on a dedicated server
Web archive: 2 pages coupons : 70% get deal

I purchased my pills from the different drug store. Afterwards Iʼve read this complete review from & chose to get pills off of this www pharma. Coincidentally, the medicines from the 1st pharmacy never arrived at my shipping address, although I got the package from within 14 hrs.. I am not gonna explain how exhausting it was: receiving my funds back from the 1st drugstore. I understand my review is all over the place, but it is simple: suggest keeping clear of all the “not trusted” drug stores!

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  • I can not say enough about the shipping quickness, it was essential for me. Kind of in the most literal sense, too, but that is a different story for another day….

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