Generic Cialis

Generic Cialis
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Erectile dysfunction can change any man character at almost any age. Fortunately, this problem does not require complicated treatment and can be easily solved with the help of Cialis medication.

To date, this is the most modern means for enhancing potency, possessing all the advantages of previously known drugs, like Viagra, while partially devoid of their shortcomings. Receiving Cialis will allow you to forget about problems of a sexual nature and lead a normal life full of pleasures.

The drug, which has the longest effect on male body (up to 36 hours)

About the treatment:

  1. Country of origin: India
  2. Active substance: Tadalafil 20 mg
  3. Shelf life of the drug: 5 years after released date
  4. Packaging: Blister preparation
  5. Delivery: by courier
  • – The drug has an unprecedented duration of more than 36 hours
  • – The degree of absorption of the drug does not depend on the intake of food or time of day
  • – The effectiveness of Cialis does not affect alcohol effect in any way
  • – In contrast to similar drugs, Cialis does not affect color perception and intraocular pressure

Do you still thinking about the administration of this pill?

Erectile dysfunction is no longer your problem!

Erectile dysfunction is a problem that many men face in varying degrees. However, it can not be said that erectile dysfunction is an age-related ailment, such difficulties are experienced even by young and active men. You can just imagine how does this treatment can affect your self-esteem and self-confidence?

The causes of erectile dysfunction can be both psychological and purely physiological. In the second case, it can be easily handled with medications. One of the most popular and effective preparations among them is Tadalafil.

Cialis – one of the best developments of American doctors

Treatment of erectile dysfunction and increased potency in many people is associated with Viagra. However, Cialis is a more modern means of combating erectile dysfunction, which has an excellent effect and at the same time is free from many disadvantages of precursor drugs.

One of the main advantages of Cialis and the medical profession, and consumers consider the duration of the action. Comparing to its analogues, this drug acts more than 36 hours. Naturally, this does not mean an endless erection for a day and a half! During this time, the active element of the drug – Tadalafil – resides in your body and allows you to quickly restore the erection at the right time. In this case, Cialis begins to work as early as 16 minutes after ingestion.

What opportunities does Tadalafil gives you? First of all, you do not need to plan your sexual act in advance for a certain time. Often the “special moment” is spoiled by the expectation of the action of the medicine, but in the case of Cialis you do not have to worry. You can take it in the morning, and in the evening enjoy the opportunities that it gives you. Naturally, the action of this treatment does not stop after the first sexual contact. In other words, for 36 hours you gain self-confidence, which, you must agree, is very important.

Do I need to observe any special conditions for taking Cialis?

The creators of Cialis endowed this drug with excellent properties. For example, its use has nothing to do with food intake, but also with the time of day. Whether you take Cialis in the morning or evening, on a hungry or full stomach – the speed and degree of absorption of the drug, as well as the effectiveness and duration of its action will not change.

Alcohol doest not change the effect of the drug, but it is worth remembering that excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages can negatively affect the potency, it is not necessary in this case to place too high hopes on the drug. The only mandatory condition for taking Cialis is the dosage: no more than one tablet per day.

Effective preparation at an affordable price:

Often men who encounter erectile dysfunction do not resort to the help of medicines, writing off their failures for fatigue and stress. In fact, many people stop the high cost of drugs to increase potency. But is it worth to give up the pleasures of life because of it? For those who fear for their budget- there are generics. These are medicines, the chemical composition of which, in terms of active substances, is identical to the composition of branded drugs. In other words, generics are bioequivalent to such drugs as Cialis and their effectiveness is not lower. They distinguished from original drugs only by the cost.

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