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Kamagra is produced by the famous pharmacological concern Ajanta Pharma (India). It is based on Sildenafil citrate, a substance that relaxes the smooth muscles of the penis, thereby increasing the flow of blood into the penis and thereby achieving a stable, prolonged erection.

Ajanta Pharma also produces Kamagra Online – 100 Oral Jelly in the form of a fruit gel and a preparation in the form of water-soluble tablets Kamagra 100 mg, which have a pleasant taste of various fruits and, thanks to its consistency, are easy to use. All drugs have a similar effect: erotic stimulation of the penis leads to increased libido and an excellent erection. In addition, Kamagra Gold enhances the sensitivity of the head of the penis, thus causing more vivid orgasm.

The drug has a very high effectiveness and its use and makes it possible for a man to repeatedly enter into sexual intercourse in a short period of time, because erection occurs within half an hour after ejaculation.

Main advantages:

  • Effective therapeutic effect when restoring erectile dysfunction;
  • The onset of efficacy from admission in 30 to 45 minutes;
  • Duration of the effect – up to 4 – 6 hours;
  • Increased sensitivity of the penis.

Generic is recommended to take inside for approximately 60 minutes before. Also before the planned intimate meeting, squeezing approximately 250 ml. of water. The effect of the drug is fully manifested with erotic stimulation. The drug is poorly compatible with alcohol and other drugs to enhance libido.

At reception, the tablet is recommended to divide into parts on 50 mg. First you should use half a tablet, but if there is not enough effect for an hour, you need to take an additional half-pill. The daily dose of sildenafil should not be more than 1 tab (100 mg.).

Side effects:

  1. Slight dizziness and pain in the temporal region;
  2. Sensation of fever in the face;
  3. Increased heart rate;
  4. Nasal congestion;
  5. Gastrointestinal disorders;
  6. Distortion of vision.
  7. Generic Kamagra Online – a drug for potency restoration.

Side effects are usually short-term and insignificant, but intensify when the conditions for taking the drug are violated.

Duration and conditions of storage of the preparation

  • The drug is suitable for use for 4 years from the date of release indicated on the blister. Keep it in a dark place. Storage temperature should be below 30 degrees Celsius.

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