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We do not sell medical drugs and do not make an advertisment for online stores. This informative blog will help you to get all reviews needed to make a purchase from legal medical store.



Online pharmacies: are they legal or not?

  • Making drugs order online is a very long time familiar to the majority of US people who have access to the Internet. This is convenient in terms of a quick search of necessary preparations, and profitable in the financial sense. This happens because of drug prices that can be found much cheaper online.
  • However, in the end of the last year, the amendments to the Law on the circulation of medicines include the possibility of pre-trial closure of sites offering drugs to citizens remotely. They entered into force on July 1st, 2015 Does this mean that distance selling of drugs come to an end? And what that means for organizations that are engaged in such activities? Let’s sort it out.

Terms of medicines sale

  • Drugs selling in any case need a license for a pharmaceutical activity. A license can only be given in the presence of the pharmacy premises as a retail outlet, and subject to a number of requirements to him and to the staff. In other words, online pharmacies as an independent form of medicine provided by the implementation of the legislation.


  • Distance Selling excludes the possibility of familiarization with the product or a sample personally before the acquisition. The buyer examines only explanation through catalogs, brochures, booklets, photographs, communications (television, mail, radio, etc.), and for this reason enters into a contract of sale.

Please note that the list of goods that are bounded on the open market, it is incorporated drugs. You can sell online other products, the implementation of which is permitted in the pharmacy:

  1. medical equipment (blood pressure monitors, nebulizers, etc…);
  2. items for care and newborn (diapers, diapers, etc.);
  3. perfumes and cosmetics.

With regard to dietary supplements, in the list they are not at the same time, according to the sanitary norms supplements should only be sold in pharmacies room or specialty store.

Online Pharmacies: advantages and disadvantages

The number of pharmacies is now so huge that buying drugs is not difficult at all. If some drug is not available, in most cases it can delivered from another store. Online pharmacy has a number of distinctive features, as well as their pros and cons.


  • The first difference – is the buying mode. If you’ve ever bought products in online stores, with web pharmacies will be just the same. Go to the site, choose a drug, place an order, pay, and specify the data to deliver. You can also pay for medicine delivery. This is useful, especially when you do not have the time or the right medicine in your city is not available. But if you sick, and some medication should be taken urgently, better to go to the nearest pharmacy.


  • As we mentioned above, it is easy to order and there is no need to go to the pharmacy and wait in a line. Checkout at any time during 24 hours a day. Another significant advantage – often a lower price compared to the fixed pharmacy. Another advantage – a wide range. Typically, even those medicines you can buy that can simply not deliver to your city.


  • This method of buying medicines also has some minuses. If you need some drug urgently, please specify the duration of delivery, because with mail or courier it still takes several days. At online pharmacy, you can consult with your manager and select the analogue drugs, but there is a great temptation to do self-medicate.

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